Are you thinking about developing your basement?
Published on: April 30, 2021

Are you thinking about developing your basement? You’re not alone. Nowadays, more homeowners are opting to develop that space. What people don’t often consider is what other problems they can solve while they are completing that renovation. 

There is no better time than during these renovations to start thinking about soundproofing your home. 

Whether you are turning the basement into a man cave or want to bring in some extra revenue by building a secondary suite, reducing the noise within your home is a step you’ll be glad you took. Not sure where to start? The MKZ team is here to help!

The first step in soundproofing your house is adding a type of fiberglass insulation that controls noise into the rim joists. Then, we can add resilient channels which help decrease vibration sound transfer such as the noise from footsteps.

The type of drywall installed plays definitely plays a part in sound deadening. Although some people opt for 1/2 STD**, it is a light product and wouldn’t be our first choice for this type of project. For something that is both sound and cost-effective, we would strongly suggest using one layer of ⅝” Type X Drywall. The material used is different than regular ½” and the density of it is ideal to stop sound transfer. If you want to go all-in for absolute soundproofing, you could even add a second layer of the  ⅝” Type X Drywall. There are more expensive options for soundproofing your home but, for the level of results, this suggested system is definitely the most effective and wallet-friendly.