Tired of old, popcorn ceilings?
Published on: March 22, 2021

Are you tired of your old, out-of-date, yellowed popcorn ceiling? Do you have a water-damaged ceiling and need it fixed? Even if you just want to have a nice, flat-looking ceiling… MKZ Construction can help! 

We specialize in both level-5 and textured ceilings. Our team can remove the current texture and replace it with the beautiful, flat ceiling surface you see in modern homes. If you prefer a look that stands out a bit more than a flat finish, you may choose to go for knockdown texture. Whichever option you pick, we can get it done! Any repairs required can be either patched, or we can scrape the whole area and redo it so you won’t see any repairs at all! 

When drywall repairs are done to an old ceiling, it requires an oil-based sealant to seal the old texture with the new and to keep it from becoming discolored. Over time, drywall turns yellow and that color will eventually leak through the texture of the ceiling. 

When new drywall is installed within an old ceiling, that texture will be white. With a repair, you will end up having a bright white texture patch where the new drywall has been installed, but the rest of the existing old drywall will still be yellow. If we remove the popcorn from the old, existing ceiling and replace it with a new, knockdown texture, within days everything would turn back to yellow. This is when an oil-based sealant is completed. It will keep your whole ceiling looking white for up to 20 years!Interested in learning more? For more information on upgrading your ceiling texture, give us a call at (403)700-6751 or send us an email at [email protected].